The Iron Man

(not a bodyguard)

Tony Stark AKA Iron Man
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Character: Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark AKA Iron Man
Series/Fandom: Iron Man (live-action movieverse)

Appearance: Tony Stark is a wealthy businessman with a sense of flair for style. If it’s expensive, he has to have it—meaning every suit the billionaire wears is sleek, sexy, and perfect, not to mention worth an average man’s entire year’s salary. (I mean, why not?) To be more blunt, Stark always wears a fancy suit and high-quality sunglasses when applicable. In the physical department, the businessman is actually well-built despite his slim nature. He is 5’9’’ and weighs in the range of 190 lbs. His hair is black, kept short and usually slicked back nice and neat for his stylish persona, and his eyes are blue. His one notable feature (other than his expensive suit line) is he sports a neatly trimmed van dyke beard. As Iron Man, he is 6’6’’ and weighs about 400 lbs. The suit’s metal body is colored red and gold, the special paint a factor in the armor’s flight capability (see background info/history post). The simply designed face-mask is unreadable, and the armor otherwise unnotable except to say, simply, that he appears to be a man made of “iron.”

Personality: Tony Stark is every bit as sleek and stylish as his expensive clothes. He seems easy-going, and indeed, lives the life-style of a rich playboy who always gets what he wants (including the girl on several occasions). Confronted with his businessman responsibilities he is as polite as he can manage, even if it means being not so blunt as he’d like to be although being polite is not to say that he won’t insult a person—he’ll simply manage to do it in a “diplomatic” way. As he slowly becomes more incensed with his “Iron Man” persona, he also becomes more focused and responsible, but that’s not to say he still doesn’t have fun and live up life to its fullest. He is extremely intelligent and quick to make a witty comment when he likes.

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